Hello, Folks!

Welcome to my neck of the woods.  My name is Jesse and I live on the Gulf Coast of Texas.  Feather Freaks is a family-owned business designed for the hunters and bird watchers of all kinds such as Ducks, Geese, Quail, Turkey, Mockingbirds, Bluejays and the list goes on.  So, if you fall into just one of these categories ---

You are a Feather Freak.  

You may be asking yourself - "How did you come up with the name?"  Well, it was early one morning around 4:30 am and me and my guys were laying cross ways in the boat with the duck blind mounted to the boat and staring up at the stars just waiting for shooting time.  I looked over at the guys and said 'You know, we ain't nothing but a bunch of Feather Freaks to be out here at this time of morning, in the cold, just waiting for ducks.'So, there you have it!  That's just a little bit about us...so take a look around at our products in the online store and we will have more coming soon.  

Thanks for stopping by.

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